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My name is Gavin Bottrell and I live in Warwickshire, England. I was born in Northern Ireland and grew up in Scotland and England. As a "wee bairn" we lived opposite a golf course in Scotland and perhaps those early years sowed a fascination for the game of golf. However, I didn't actually start playing the game until my mid-twenties. So whilst I am truly fanatical about the game my handicap have never quite reached single figures...11 is my current handicap.

Here's what I get up to..

LAST UPDATE: 20th May 2021


In 1995 I stumbled upon a set of clubs in a junk shop in Dorset. You can read the full story in the article list below. My life truly changed that day. My collection of old clubs grew very quickly over the years. I currently have a select collection of clubs and balls. My oldest artefact dates to the mid-1600s.


In 2003 I had amassed so many clubs that I decided to start a small business hiring them out for play...and so "Timewarp Golf" was born. Since then I have done "hickory golf days", as they are termed, at clubs through the British Isles and as far away as China. It's been absolutely great fun and I've met loads of great people doing it. If you'd like to do a hickory golf event please get in touch for a no obligation chat about the possibilities.


In June 2006 I made my first wooden shafted golf club from scratch. You can find my account in the articles below. I'm fairly good with my hands so despite having no training, and trying to remember the basics of woodwork learnt at secondary school, I jumped head first into it. Since then I've made over 100 wooden shafted clubs, and my speciality is making replicas of the oldest clubs. My replicas have found homes in collections and museums across the world.


Shortly after making my first club, a replica of an 1850 wood, I decided to make a "feathery golf ball" to hit with it. Little did I know that another obsession would begin. Feather-filled golf balls were used from the 15th to the mid-19th century and only a relatively small number survive. They are very expensive to buy and so hitting one is not really an option..so I decided to make one! I have spend many many hours practising the art and have slowly uncovered the secrets of this ancient craft. I am currently writing up my findings with the intention of publishing...watch this space.

In recent times I have also made playable replicas of gutty golf balls, as used between 1850 and 1900. You can see my making some of these hand-hammered gutta balls on my YouTube Channel...search for #TimewarpGolf on there.

If you have any questions, or just like to chat about old golf stuff, you can contact me on info@timewarpgolf.com I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Gavin. ************************************************************************************************


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Engraved Putter

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